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{Interview} Christmas at ... Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine's

Zazazoo | Publié le mar 22 Déc 2020 - 10:04 | 461 Vues

Today, we're having not one but two authors with us ! Indeed, since Brooke & Ella are inseparable both in life and in writing, we couldn't resist to ask them both for this fun christmas interview. Buckle up my friends, and let's go chat with Ella & Brooke ! 

Hi ladies, thank you for having us in this christmas interview !
Let’s talk about Christmas and decorations :

are you most a natural or an artificial tree kind of girl ?
I bought a GORGEOUS artificial tree (that looks real), had it up for one year, then bought two kittens. I haven’t seen that tree since. It’s pretty much brand new and will remain that way for another ten years.
Brooke: If I could have a real tree, I’d get one in a heartbeat. My cat makes that impossible, though. So right now I have a small, fake light-up tree he can’t launch himself into. 

* your decorations : do you like to have a theme and change every year ? Or do you keep the same decorations each year ?
Ella: We keep the same theme every year and are pretty traditional. Reds, greens, golds!
Brooke: Right now I’m enjoying a whimsical Christmas, kind of like Elf or the Grinch’s Whoville style. For stockings I bought these personalized elf pants, and they’re so much fun! But I’ll switch it up once I’m bored. 

About christmas music (and sorry, not Taylor Swift in this selection ^^) : are you team Franck Sinatra, team Mariah Carey or team Michael Bublé ?
Ohhhh this one is hard!! I love all THREE of these, and Taylor’s recent Christmas song (come on now!) But if I had to pick one that makes me smile and bop along every single time - All I Want for Christmas. But I also love a lot of Kelly Clarkson songs! Oh!!! Also, the Hippopotamus Song which I sing badly to Brooke every year. Aww man, and The Chipmunk song…. I told you, this one is TOO hard!
Brooke: This is so wrong! I love them all. Team Mariah for Christmas music probably, only because they’re fun, upbeat songs and that’s what I’m listening to most this year. Nothing else depressing or sad in 2020, please! Taylor and Kelly Clarkson have some fun Christmas songs too. 

Now let’s talk about the gifts’ opening : do you traditionally do that on Christmas Eve ? or on the 25th ?
My husband likes to open them at midnight on Christmas Eve, but I was always brought up opening them in the morning Christmas Day. So NOW we compromise and open one at midnight and the rest on the day!
Brooke: When we were kids we would open one gift on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day. Now that I’m older, I prefer to wait until Christmas Day. 

What is worst christmas present your ever received ? And the most memorable one ?
Ella: I’ve never really gotten a bad Christmas present. I think my most memorable one was when Brooke AND my husband each bought me the SAME gift without knowing it LOL! Tickets to see the Phantom of the Opera!
Brooke: The first thing that comes to mind for worst is when someone bought me a small pink safe for Christmas. I guess it was practical, but it was so weird. As for memorable, a couple of years ago my family decided to spend Christmas at Walt Disney World instead of doing presents. So much fun! 

What did you ask Santa this year ?
For Covid to be over! And for the world to right itself again. I just want to be able to visit with my family in Australia again, it’s been so long since I hugged them and I missed out this year because they had to cancel their trip.
Brooke: A new U.S. president and administration. Thanks, Santa!
Ella: Yes, thank you for that ^^^ Santa!

Can you describe us your ideal christmas in a few words ?
I’d love to go to a little village in Switzerland (I always see it online and never know the town) but it’s at the base of these HUGEEEE snow-covered mountains and the Christmas lights look so beautiful. I think that would be so magical. I also wouldn’t mind New like 10 years when I am no longer traumatized by that city.
Brooke: Ohhh what Ella says sounds good! Can I go with? And can we also go to Austria to the Christmas market and get gluehwein?

Do you have at least one ugly christmas sweater in your wardrobe ? Can you describe it to us ? Or even better, show us a picture of it !
Ahahah! No! I don’t have one, and if I did, I wouldn't SHOW you! ;)
Brooke: Oh my gosh, I wish I had a picture...let me see if I can find one. It was a sweater of someone holding a box and it was a real box that was sewn onto the shirt that I put candy in. It was ridiculous. I loved it. 

What’s your favorite christmas treat ?
My mum’s Rum Balls! They're sooooo yummy!
Brooke: My sister makes amazing Bourbon balls (we’re all about Christmas balls apparently). But I’d say my Meme’s pina colada cake. It’s not really a Christmas treat, but it’s what she would make especially for me when we’d come up for the holidays.

What are your favorites christmas movie and book ?
Ohhh has to be Home Alone, Love Actually, Mixed Nuts, and Christmas Vacation. As for Christmas books, I’m gonna go with the one we wrote this year because it made me smile the entire time! Jingle Bell Rock.
Brooke: Oh my gosh, I can go on forever with these. I love the Home Alone movies, Elf, The Family Stone, Love Actually, The Holiday, The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, Serendipity, Noelle, The Santa Clause movies, and a million others. I just watched Holidate and The Happiest Season recently and those were really good. For books, I’m going to go with any of the ones we’ve written: Wrapped Up in You, Jingle Bell Rock, and All I Want for Christmas...Is My Sister’s Boyfriend. 

Ok now, let redo the epic scene in ‘Love actually’ : which fictional character would you dream to see on the other sides of the cards, to declare you his undying love ?
Umm, can we pick Edward Cullen again?
Brooke: Logan Mitchell! 

Which character.s from your own books or from other authors would like to have at your christmas table to  "spice the things up" ?
Hands down Robbie, Julien & Priest for spice, and Logan and Tate to stare at. ;) Could we also throw in Butch and V from BDB to stare at? Yes? Good, thanks!
Brooke: It would be interesting and very spicy to have Soren, Norah, and Kingsley from Tiffany Reisz’s Original Sinners series at the table. Although they’d most likely be ON the table. hahaha

Now let’s talk about the writing … The two of you already wrote a couple of christmas books : is the writing process any different than for your other books ? Would you like to do that again ?
Both: Our process is pretty much the same as writing our other books, but we tend to write shorter and sweeter holiday books. We’ll definitely write more!

Now it’s almost over, but I have one more question …
Brooke, since ‘Forget me not’ was published here in France in november, can you tell us what Ollie will offer to his Bluebird this year ? and vice versa ?
Ohh, you’re trying to get spoilers out of me since Remember Me When isn’t out yet. Nice try! Ask me again next year. ;)

Ella, same question with Logan & Tate : which present each one will receive from the other ?
Ummm, hmm… a trip somewhere they can take together ALONE that doesn’t involve any flying. LOL!

Thanks a lot for your time, Ella and Brooke, we wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays !
Thank you so much for having us! We just love you guys and France! We can’t wait to come back and visit! Xx Ella & Brooke

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