(Coincidence #4) Violet & Luke - Tome 2 : The Probability of Violet & Luke de Jessica Sorensen

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(Coincidence #4) Violet & Luke - Tome 2 : The Probability of Violet & Luke de Jessica Sorensen

Message  Penny le Mer 21 Mai 2014 - 17:26

(Coincidence #4) : Violet & Luke
Tome 2: The Probability of Violet & Luke

de Jessica Sorensen


Luke Price and Violet Hayes haven’t seen each other in a couple of months, not since they discovered Luke’s mother’s connection to Violet’s parent’s murders. But when Luke gets into some gambling trouble with the wrong people, destiny decides to throw the two of them together and they head out to Vegas to try and settle Luke’s debt.

As Violet spends time with Luke, she becomes torn on whether she should be with him. She definitely can’t deny that her life is better when she’s with Luke and she starts to wonder if going back to Preston was a mistake.

Things seem to be going well as Violet opens up more to Luke, but then she gets a call from the detective, not only to give an update on Mira Price and the case, but to give information about some threatening texts she’s been getting. The information is not only shocking, but makes Violet question what kind of people her parents really where and whether she’ll be able to trust anyone ever again.

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"You make me want to live. Not survive; not exist. Live."
He didn’t have the words. Not when what she said hit him harder and deeper than any kiss.

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